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A horse must MOVE !!!

Always, stallions as well. Hoses should NOT live in a box or enclosed and they must have the possibility to lay down completely because of their very important REM-sleep.
Only eat what your body really needs and can absorb and digest well. 
For horses, that is roughage (cellulose).

A horse in nature  spends most of the day foraging.
They eat more than eighty types of grass, several trees, shrubs, plants, all kinds of grass, some nuts, seeds, fruits and even clay.
This variety of plants they eat in nature we can not offer our horses. Well, in some cases yes but mostly we can't.

Thus, our friends should eat constantly a good quality forage roughage but in small quantities using 
hay-nets such as ´slowfeeders´ with a maze of about  3 cm, oil ( flaxseed ) and a vitamin complex without sugar, molasses, cereals,

soy and GMO free .


Very important is that horses eat from different heights like grass on the ground and leaves or nuts from the trees.
Each haynet / slofeeder should be offered on different heights Between the ground and their ears.
This way of feeding reflects their natural environment and support health.

The processing of cellulose (FIBER !!!) by microorganisms and intestines of the horse provides important energy, vitamins and minerals, and especially heat (temperature) 


Unfortunately, we believe that we do our horses a big favor by giving them extra cereal-based concentrates, but we really disturb the proper functioning of the intestinal flora.

There are many appropriate options for the horse to gain weight, lose weight or get more energy if necessary.

Unlimited roughage of good quality and some vitamin supplement luzerne based for example stimulates the good microorganisms that are necessary for the proper functioning of your horse's metabolism.

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