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HORSERIDINGSPAIN importer for Spain

Metazoa is inspired by primeval nutrition.

Only eat what your body really needs, can absorb and digest well. For horses that is roughage (cellulose) like hey.


In nature horses spent most of the day with grazing. Their food consists of more than eighty types of grass, various trees, shrubs, plants, all kinds of herbs, some nuts, seeds, fruits and even clay. This variety of plants in nature are very hard for the average horse owner to provide his horse. Even if you provide unlimited good quality roughage or keep your horse outdoors in the pastures. Some essential nutrients may lack.

That is why Metazoa developed the first real broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement for horses and ponies. This supplement replaces standard concentrates or muesli’s based on cereales. It is an addition to a diet of good quality roughage. Metazoa products are based on Lucerne/Alfalfa and do not contain molasses, cereals, soy or genetically modified materials. The percentage of starch (amylum) and sugars is therefore extreme low which is beneficial to the micro-flora in your horses intestines.

By providing free choice hay or turn-out and supplementing with a concentrate to provide what is lacking in the forage, you stimulate the good micro-organisms that are necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolism of your horse.


Choose for a different way of feeding, choose Metazoa it is easy, healthy & profitable.

• Because it is so concentrated, you only feed a little portion each day so a sack will last much longer (more than 2 months for an average horse) which saves you a lot of lugging.
• Suitable for all horses and ponies of all ages. This makes the feeding process easier as you can give them all the same concentrate.
• Even horses that normally don’t get any concentrates you can now safely feed Metazoa resulting in less food envy.

• Metazoa SuperFit Broxxx fills in the missing vitamins, minerals and trace elements your horse needs in order to stay healthy.
• Metazoa is 100% free from molasses, corn and soybeans. It has a extreme low starch/sugar content. Your horse will therefore get more nutrients from its roughage.

• Thanks to the high concentration of nutrients in SuperFit Broxxx you only need to feed a little bit. The recommendation is 50 grams per 100 kg of body weight in addition to ( preferably) unlimited good quality hay.
• A horse of 500 kilos needs 250 grams per day. This costs € 0.43 per day, which is € 12.90 per month. It is thus less expensive than most standard concentrates based on cereales/grains. Even if you include the hay let’s say at € 2,- for 10kg a day you are at € 60,- a month + € 12.90 = € 72,90 a month.

Metazoa Europe is an independent distributor of Metazoa products. Metazoa products are produced in the Netherlands. If you do not live in the Netherlands and you want to order Metazoa products? Then click on ‘sales addresses ‘ for a dealer in your area

The cecum, large colon, small colon, and rectum make up the horse’s hindgut which contains micro-organisms (bacteria and protozoa) that break down dietary fiber found in roughage into usable components. These micro-organisms are present in the equine hind gut to digest fiber because horses lack the enzymes required to break down fiber themselves. Due to the horse’s innate hindgut micro-flora, roughage is a necessary component to a horse’s diet.

The processing of cellulose (roughage) by micro -organisms in the intestines of the horse provides the horse with energy, important vitamins and minerals, and heat. Starch (amylum) and sugars present in most ‘normal’ concentrates based on cereals is disrupting the natural horse’s intestinal flora. The good micro -organisms are taken over by other less well and sometimes even harmful organisms. So although you may think you do your horse a favor by giving him extra concentrates based on cereals, you actually disturb and undermine the proper functioning of the intestinal flora.

The best way to keep the hind gut micro-environment happy is to maximize the amount of forage being fed in the diet and to minimize the amount of grain in the diet while meeting the horse’s feed and energy requirements.

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