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▫️3-day retreats




▫️Buddhist temple visit 



In my work and passion as a certified Vitality Coach & Life Coach, I help young people and adults with various aspects of their lives.

I offer you a safe and personal environment supported by trust and integrity.

Vitality means well-being on a physical, mental and emotional level.

I give retreats with horses, during hacks, through writing and E-coaching.



A human life is Holistic, biological, psychological and sociological aspects depend on each-other and create a circle.

Imbalance in this circle often negatively affects our Energy, Health, Happiness and Behavior.


Consciously Invest in Yourself is the central part in my retreat processes. Enrich yourself.

Your personal question, purpose or story therefore determines the uniqueness of a session.

We specifically address your authentic personality using effective methodologies:

Vitality Management

Emotion Management

HSP Management (high sensitivity)

Stress Management

Rational-Emotional Therapy

Inner-Child Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

Stress & Burn Out Therapy

Lifestyle & Vitality & Nutrition

🐴Retreat with horses in Malaga - Andalusia

Horses communicate like flight animals in a herd, clear, confrontational, honest, mostly non-verbal and without labels and judgments.

Wonderful isn’t it ;)

They reflect behavior to determine what value you are to the herd.

Through this pure and value-free reflection you will quickly gain insight into your own (unconscious) behavior and habits.

Horses are social animals just like us, one important difference is that horses are congruent.

What horses think and feel correspond in how they act.


Clear and genuine.

Being congruent is often a challenge for us because internal and external factors have expectations of us, but also give obligations.

Think of socially desirable behavior.


A horse responds to who we ARE and not to how we ACT.

Horses can give clear feedback on the presence and absence of

leadership, low self-esteem, (suppressed) emotion, living in the mind, setting boundaries, dominance, assertiveness, submission, insecurity and fear.

By e-coaching we can follow up on your already started process.

✍️ Retreat therapeutic writing in Malaga - Andalusia

Narrative Processing works in depth.

By writing and drawing, your brain - related to the content - creates new connections.

These brain-structures contribute to increase your carrying capacity and resilience by the distance you literally take from it. Writing it on paper.

By carefully choosing your words, you reform your story and we will work on it together.

The cerebral process prior to writing appears to be very ordering, reflective and healing.

By e-coaching we can follow up on your already started process.

👣Retreat nature hike in Malaga - Andalusia

Invest consciously in yourself proves to be very effective in nature and during movement, we go for a walk or plant ourselves ( like roots) under a tree;)

Physical progress (walking), changing images, deeper breathing and beautiful metaphor use on the road, makes this way of coaching pure and effective.

Nature automatically attracts attention, which contributes to a neutral mindful starting point without effort.

Movement in the here and now helps us to put experiences, thoughts and feelings in perspective.

The horses are happy to walk with us if it makes you happy.

By e-coaching we can follow up on your already started process.

Two young women chatting online by makin

💻 E-coaching

The power of Online Coaching is that we can build in many contact moments. (Email, WhatsApp, Messenger)

It encourages you to use the right words to describe what is happening, what you think and what you feel.

This cerebral process prior to writing your e-mail or text message appears to be very ordering, reflective and healing.

By reading back messages, you literally see your own process and progress.

Communication in e-coaching is often very open and direct, so we quickly get to the core.

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