Are you looking for more depth in your life?
Do you often feel misunderstood?
Do you find it hard to relax?
Are you intuitive but you not know how to use it?
Do you often feel insecure?
Do you have a burnout or had it recently?
Do you have a low self-esteem?
Do you feel restless?
Do you want to learn to develop your awareness and wellbeing?
Do you have difficulty saying NO without feeling bad about it?
Do you have traumatic experiences and want to pay good attention to it surrounded by nature and highly sensitive horses?
Are you a thinker and worried day and night?


Learn to develop your own abilities!

I help children and adults of all ages through Person-centered Coaching Sessions where the horse gives us a confronting and instructive feedback like a mirror.


I translate if necessary de Expressive Communication Signals of the assisting horse!
Awareness and reflection are the gifts of this high - sensitive animal to teach us to let go en to be in the here and now so we can get more easily come to our feelings.

What a relief it is to receive an honest response from an animal, that from out his flight and herd behavior screens you physically and emotionally, but doesn’t judge.
This scanning/screening what horses do is vital within the herd,
A horse needs to know how the physical, mental and emotional state of their herd members is in order to ensure his own safety and that of his herd members of any threat.
After all a horse ia a prey animal.

Who takes the lead, who is strong, who walks crippled, who has blockages that affect the alertness of perception. Who has a foal, who is a foal, how are the family relationships, how are the friendships in the herd. Are there emotions that affect the working of the herd.
What effect does food have on each individual horse. Who suffers from pain. Who is old so it’s harder to get along, who is anxious, brave etc…

This screening/scanning they do continuously because the situations in the herd change frequently.Through their high sensitive senses the horse will scan us everyday again. 
To strengthen these observations a horse scans also the vibrations and energy vibrations.

Because of  this they feel stress, nervousness, anxiety, stability and insecurity. 
They also feel our inner peace, inner unrest and our low or even high pulse.
Horses respond to his, again, without judging.

People can camouflage thoughts and feeling, suppress and conceal. 
So we can also behave differently than we are.
The difference lies in BEING and DOING. 

A horse will feel and react to who we ARE and not to how we DO!
This can be enlightening and often puts the unconscious human behavior exposed that gives us a insight into many situations in our daily lives.

If you have fear for horses don’t worry, i will take care of that.
Often the fear is already overcome or completely gone within the first session.

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